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Greetings I'm James Robert Hagan (James Roberts of James Roberts Music) and this is where you will find out a great deal about my background.
I'm a 26-year-old guitar player who originally started playing from quite a young age to get away from being bullied on the schoolyard and loved playing guitar ever since. I started with an acoustic which my grandparents bought for me which I still own to this day.
I played a few school gigs with the school band and learned my ideal calling which was lead guitar playing... for some reason when I improvise a solo I feel like I'm living in that moment and nothing else matters.
Eventually, I managed to get a Fender Strat copy from my parents with a really affordable amplifier and I was hooked and I started to learn how something made from a few bits of wood really has a personality.
Over time I improved my skills but I know I still have a lot to learn hence why I want to try and connect with a bunch of new people using various social media platforms to improve myself as a musician and a person.
Eventually, I hit a point where I stopped playing for quite a while and I now realize that was a big mistake because I got reinspired by a Youtube sensation known as Rob Chapman and I picked up the guitar and started all over again.
Now I play every day and couldn't be happier and I can't wait to see where my journey takes me..... Hopefully, you all can join me to see me reach my main goals.

My goals are -
1. Get Better at the guitar
2. Get more confident with social media
3. Connect with a good sized audience
4. Become a Chapman Guitars Artist
5. Have a lot of fun whilst doing all of the above

Thanks for giving me the time of day and I appreciate all the support you guys and girls are awesome !!!!!!